Burn Off Extra Calories Every Day with these Simple Hacks

hacks to burn more calories dailyThere are quite a few surprisingly easy ways to burn off extra calories every day, especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your already healthy weight. Check out a few of the simple hacks below and consider incorporating these into your daily weight loss program. Continue reading “Burn Off Extra Calories Every Day with these Simple Hacks”

How to Walk Your Way to a Healthier You

Walking regularly is the best way to tone your muscles, strengthen your bones, and reduce your weight. Walking also helps you to fight off cancer and other deadly diseases, to mention the mood enhancing benefits of walking as well. It doesn’t matter if you walk throughout the day, use a treadmill, or speed walk you can use these tips to help you gain twice the benefits with each walk.

It’s okay if you’re walk is broken up between running errands, walking the dog, or pushing the stroller. As long as you’re walking adds up to 30 minutes or more every day, it is likely you will add a year or more to your life. If you want to further your health you can buy a basic pedometer and try to get 10,000 steps in each day. On average most people take about 5000 steps, so if you do 10,000 you’re doing double. Continue reading “How to Walk Your Way to a Healthier You”

How to Prevent The Winter Exercise Slump

The winter brings lazy feelings of comfort food, the cold weather and shorter days with early nights. This paints a wonderful snowy picture that you would find in a Normal Rockwell painting. So, in saying that, you know already that it is not an exercise type of day. So what we tend to do is turn into bears and want to hibernate then come out and eat like we have never seen food. This is the winter exercise slump and eating binge time.

How to prevent the winter exercise slump?

A lot of how to prevent this from happening is psychological and maybe a little physical adjusting.If you live in a cold climate that snows, you may be in doors a lot. However if you aren’t then taking advantage of the cold weather to warm up and exercise may just be the thing to do.You will tend to gain weight more during the winter season because it makes you want to just eat the heavy soups, stews and stuff like chicken and dumplings. Continue reading “How to Prevent The Winter Exercise Slump”

Simultaneously Burn Fat and Build Muscle: Is it Possible?

It may be one of the age old questions within fitness and that is can you actually burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Though there are many different schools of thought about this, there is an element of truth to it. Think of it this way, you don’t want to do one without the other. Simply building muscle won’t do much if you don’t help to burn the fat away as well. You also don’t want to burn fat away and then stop as you are then left with a serious lack of muscle tone. So yes you can accomplish both at the same time with the right workout regimen.

Start by thinking of where you are starting from at the beginning. Most of us have a need to lose weight which ultimately means that we need to burn fat. So if you can focus on the right types of exercise that allow you to burn fat and build muscle tone at the same time, you are working in a proactive manner. Continue reading “Simultaneously Burn Fat and Build Muscle: Is it Possible?”

Use Circuit Training to Blast off Extra Pounds

Circuit training is one of the hottest trends for fast fat burn using less time and more energy. It is a cheat workout that is shorter and faster but boy is it effective. It is basically weight or “resistance” training and can be personalized. This means that it doesn’t have to be done every day to be effective and it leaves you with no excuse not to exercise!

So what effects does circuit training have?

It is basically a strength training that builds muscle and sheds pounds off quick. How does this work? When the body gains muscle it uses the stored energy “fat” to help build the muscle and tone. When you are dieting this is the better workout to do because it will assist in getting you off that diet sooner and if you engage in diet pills for success, this will certainly cut the time in half. Continue reading “Use Circuit Training to Blast off Extra Pounds”

Losing Weight by Eating Dinner Early

With our intense work schedules followed by practice schedules and appointments, the average family spends less time eating nutritious meals as a family before 7:00 at night than ever before. With the benefits of eating dinner early, you need to make the time to bring this tradition back into your life. Studies have shown that the overall health level of a family who eats dinner before it gets dark outside, have lower obesity levels and health related medical problems related to weight than those who eat dinner after dark.  Continue reading “Losing Weight by Eating Dinner Early”