You’re Probably Not Getting Enough of These Essential Nutrients

Get Enough of These Essential Nutrients

Have you been trying really hard to eat better for your health and your waistline? Well, according to WedMD, even those with the best intentions might end up making eating choices that lead them down the path towards not getting enough of a few essential nutrients.

What essential nutrients are most people lacking? Check out the information below to learn more. Then, start making meal plans that incorporate foods that can help increase your intake of these nutrients.

You’re Not Getting Enough of These Nutrients

Most Americans fail to get enough calcium, potassium, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E in their diets. Sure, you can take supplements to bring these levels up and fill in nutritional gaps, but you can also start adding healthier foods to your meal plans every week in order to bring the levels of these nutrients up.

Foods That Contain Vital Nutrients

No matter what diet you follow, you can eat a variety of foods to boost your intake of the many important nutrients that your entire body needs to stay strong and energized. For example, you can get plenty of calcium from spinach, and you can get loads of potassium from bananas, tomato paste, and sweet potatoes. Brazil nuts and almonds are great sources of natural magnesium, while carrots and winter squash are just a couple of examples of foods that are high in vitamin A.

If you want to get more vitamin E, you can simply up your intake of peanut butter, roasted sunflower seeds, and tomato sauce, as a few examples. And, to get more vitamin C into your daily diet, you can eat fruits like strawberries, oranges, and cantaloupe, as well as veggies like red pepper and broccoli. Finally, when it comes to getting more fiber, you can do so easily with foods like black beans, pears, and bran cereal.

Knowing what essential nutrients your body needs most can help you make smarter choices at every meal. If you aren’t sure if you are deficient in these nutrients, talk to your doctor, as a simple blood test can reveal a lot.

Vitamin Deficiencies That Lead to Weight Gain

Do you know that people with low vitamin and mineral intake gain the most weight? There are 13 vital vitamins, each of which serves a definitive purpose. Vitamin deficiencies can occur if you do not obtain enough of a particular vitamin. Vitamins are materials found in food, or in the case of vitamin D, in sunlight. Their job is to help maintain diverse bodily functions. Vitamin A maintains eye health, vitamin D helps strengthen bones, B vitamins help the body produce protein and vitamin C supports the immune system.

There are two kinds of vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins that can be stored in the body’s fatty tissues. Vitamins C and B complex are water-soluble vitamins, and cannot be stored and are used by the body immediately. Any residual water-soluble vitamins are emitted through urine. Continue reading “Vitamin Deficiencies That Lead to Weight Gain”

3 Herbs That Will Make Any Meal Healthier

When you want to add more than flavor to the meals you love the most, then try one of the following five healthy herbs that are filled with antioxidants that help to fight disease, as well as vitamins and minerals that enhance overall wellbeing.

• Rosemary – the benefits of this herb aren’t just in its consumption. Recent research has suggested that the clean, sharp scent of the herb, which is released while the leaves are being chopped, can help to boost your mood. Furthermore, research has also shown that eating rosemary can help to increase alertness and improve the memory.

Suggested uses: add some rosemary to a vegetable shish kebab before you toss it on the grill. It also enhances the flavor of chicken, lamb, and pork. Continue reading “3 Herbs That Will Make Any Meal Healthier”

5 Nutrient Rich Vegetables

The vast majority of people know that the healthiest foods can be found and consumed unaltered in Mother Nature’s garden. Fruits and vegetables are by far the most nutrient rich foods which have been known to rid our bodies of toxins repair our cells and essentially strengthen out immune systems. It has been found that although nutrient-rich foods are readily available nearly 60% of the food the average person eats is processed. By far the worst news is that 80% of people believe they are eating a healthy diet. Continue reading “5 Nutrient Rich Vegetables”