5 Nutrient Rich Vegetables

5 Nutrient Rich Vegetables

The vast majority of people know that the healthiest foods can be found and consumed unaltered in Mother Nature’s garden. Fruits and vegetables are, by far, the most nutrient rich foods that have been known to rid our bodies of toxins, repair our cells, and essentially strengthen our immune system. Continue reading “5 Nutrient Rich Vegetables”

5 Healthy Treats You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Diet

Diet Healthy Treats

When you’re working on losing weight, there are a lot of foods that you need to reduce or eliminate. Yet, there are also some healthy treats that you actually shouldn’t give up.

1. Popcorn

Popcorn is considered one of the healthy treats you can enjoy while dieting. It’s low in calories and contains some protein and fiber. So, the next time that you’re home watching a movie, make yourself some organic popcorn and indulge. Continue reading “5 Healthy Treats You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Diet”

What To Do When You Can’t Lose Weight, Even When You Eat Healthy

What To Do When You Can't Lose Weight even when you eat healthyKnowing what to do when you can’t lose weight isn’t as obvious as it seems. This is particularly true when you feel like you’re already doing everything right. They say that eating right is the most important factor for weight loss. But what if you’re already eating healthy and you’re still not losing?

It’s a frustrating place to be. Whether you’ve hit a plateau, or you’re gaining weight, it can feel impossible. That said, before you give up, take a second look at what to do when you can’t lose weight. Try to see things from another perspective. You may be missing something very important. Continue reading “What To Do When You Can’t Lose Weight, Even When You Eat Healthy”

Why Excessively Drinking Beer is Bad for Your Gut

drinking beer is bad for your gutDo you enjoy drinking beer while you’re relaxing, while you’re having fun with friends, or while you’re having a meal? Well, you might want to cut back on the amount of beer that you drink, as drinking beer is bad for your gut when you consume too much of it. Check out the information below to learn more about drinking and gut health. Continue reading “Why Excessively Drinking Beer is Bad for Your Gut”

How to Maintain Weight Loss for Permanent Success

Maintain Weight Loss successSuccessful weight loss isn’t just a matter of dropping the pounds. That is certainly an important goal along the way. Still, true success doesn’t stop at losing weight – it’s a matter of keeping it off. The pounds need to remain off permanently for you to consider that weight loss goal to be achieved.

At the same time, among those who do achieve their goal weight, many revert to their old ways only to watch the pounds climb back on again. So, what’s the secret to permanent success? How do we make sure we’re not just losing the weight now as one of several times that we’ll need to do it all over again in the future? When do we stop playing with the yo-yo? Continue reading “How to Maintain Weight Loss for Permanent Success”

How to Eat and Exercise When You Have the Flu

eat and exercise when you have the flu

The cold and flu season is here in full force, and you may have noticed that a lot of people around you have been getting sick. Perhaps you’ve even been hit with the flu as well, causing you to take some time off to rest and recuperate. But you don’t have to stop everything when you have the flu. You could still eat right to nourish your body and help it heal, and you could even exercise to stay active. Check out the tips below to learn how. Continue reading “How to Eat and Exercise When You Have the Flu”

Healthy Meal Planning Hacks for Weight Loss

healthy meal planning hacksLong term weight loss demands that you make changes to what you eat and how active you are on a regular basis, but this can be easier said than done. Fortunately, with the right healthy meal planning hacks, you can give yourself an advantage over the diet side of the battle. Continue reading “Healthy Meal Planning Hacks for Weight Loss”

How to Hack Your Thanksgiving Dinner for Weight Loss

Thanksgiving dinner for weight loss hacksThanksgiving is a holiday during which you can take some time off and think about all of the things in your life that you are grateful for, and it is also a great opportunity to spend some time with your family and friends. But a lot of people also use it as a chance to overeat, and that’s not a good idea. With the Thanksgiving dinner hacks below, though, you can go ahead and indulge without feeling guilty during weight loss. Continue reading “How to Hack Your Thanksgiving Dinner for Weight Loss”

Why I’m Now Addicted to Chia Seeds

Why I'm Addicted to Chia Seeds

Have you heard about chia seeds? If you have been researching healthier foods to eat and foods that can help you lose weight, you probably have come across some of the many articles related to this food.

After reading a lot about chia seeds, I decided to give them a try, and now I am addicted to chia seeds. Keep reading to learn why I’m addicted, and why you should give them a try too.

Continue reading “Why I’m Now Addicted to Chia Seeds”