How to Eat and Exercise When You Have the Flu

eat and exercise when you have the flu

The cold and flu season is here in full force, and you may have noticed that a lot of people around you have been getting sick. Perhaps you’ve even been hit with the flu as well, causing you to take some time off to rest and recuperate. But you don’t have to stop everything when you have the flu. You could still eat right to nourish your body and help it heal, and you could even exercise to stay active. Check out the tips below to learn how. Continue reading “How to Eat and Exercise When You Have the Flu”

Are You Losing Workout Motivation? 3 Things That Help

Losing workout motivation help

Keeping up with a workout routine is tough, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle and you don’t really have the time to dedicate to a workout every day. Plus, losing workout motivation is common, and you have likely dealt with plenty of days during which you simply did not want to get moving or go to the gym. Thankfully, though, there are ways that you can keep yourself on track even when you find that you are losing workout motivation, and three easy strategies are listed below. Continue reading “Are You Losing Workout Motivation? 3 Things That Help”

#SquatYourDog Workout Trend Photos Are Adorable!

#SquatYourDog trend

The #SquatYourDog hashtag has been taking over Instagram as a fun and perfectly adorable way to turn your best furry friend into a great workout pal. Not only will you have the drive to work out more and spend more time with your pup, but you’ll also have some great content for your Instagram account. Continue reading “#SquatYourDog Workout Trend Photos Are Adorable!”

Strange But Cool Fitness Events From Around the World

Strange and Cool Fitness Events
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Fitness events can be a lot of fun. They get like-minded people together, so you have the opportunity to make new friends, and you also have the chance to head to these events with a group of your friends who want to get fit alongside you. All over the world, there are strange but cool fitness events going on all year long, and some of them are listed below to help inspire you to join in on the fun. Continue reading “Strange But Cool Fitness Events From Around the World”

Best Pilates Moves for Weight Loss

Pilates Moves for Weight Loss
Pilates is a fantastic workout option for those who want to achieve long, lean muscles, strength, and flexibility. But if you’re trying to lose weight and you’re thinking about doing Pilates, continue reading for the moves that you should be focusing on. Continue reading “Best Pilates Moves for Weight Loss”

Give Yourself a Natural Butt Lift with These Toning Exercises

Natural Butt Lift exercisesNo matter where we go, our backsides are always determined to follow. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a natural butt lift and feel proud of the way you look as you walk away? It may not be as impossible as you think as long as you know the right toning exercises to get you there.

Keep in mind that these natural butt lift exercises will tone the muscles you have in that region. That said, they are not fat burners. You’ll still have to eat right and get your cardio in if you want to be able to eliminate excess fat stored on your behind. Fortunately, these efforts can all be done at once and before you know it you’ll start liking the shape of your backside and you’ll love the way you look in your jeans. Continue reading “Give Yourself a Natural Butt Lift with These Toning Exercises”

What it Means if You Feel Out of Breath Regularly

feeling out of breathe regularlyDo you feel you are out of breath regularly? Is this something that happens only when you take part in extreme exercise or is it something that happens at other times, too? Dyspnoea, that is, difficulty breathing, is among the most common reasons that hospital emergency rooms are visited.

Feeling out of breath regularly is also among the most common reasons people call 911 to request an ambulance. It is perfectly normal to lose your breath when you’ve overexerted yourself. However, when it happens unexpectedly and/or quite suddenly, it can be very upsetting and it may be a symptom of an underlying condition. Continue reading “What it Means if You Feel Out of Breath Regularly”

Women: Why It’s Better to Be Fit Than Skinny

Better to Be Fit than skinnyFor a very long time, skinny was valued above virtually any other body shape by women for women. However, there is a new look that is starting to take hold that shows it’s better to be fit than to be skinny.

Being fit comes in a range of different forms. For some women, that does happen to be skinny. However, for many more, when you say it’s better to be fit, what it means is that you will not be small. Instead, you will have an appropriate amount of muscle and body fat to make sure your body is as healthy as it can be. Continue reading “Women: Why It’s Better to Be Fit Than Skinny”

The Many Benefits of Pull-Ups When Exercising to Lose Weight

Benefits of Pull-Ups for weight lossOne of the most iconic exercises in the realm of fitness is pull ups. Offering a plethora of health benefits, they have a great potential for enhancing fitness in a myriad of ways when incorporated into your overall weight loss strategy. Pull ups are performed by elevating your body up to a bar and lowering yourself back down. This bodyweight exercise engages your back, lats, biceps, rear delts and core. It is used in military training protocols to develop enviably strong arms, chest, back and shoulders, while helping to maintain an adequate body weight. Here are the numerous benefits of pull ups:

Fat Loss
As pull ups work your major muscle groups, such as the large latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles of the back, they expend more calories and energy. Strenuously working these muscle groups boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. If you want to enhance the fat loss benefits of pull ups, reduce the time between sets or fill up that time with some jumping jacks. Continue reading “The Many Benefits of Pull-Ups When Exercising to Lose Weight”