How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Sleep Patterns

It may come as a surprise, but what you eat and when you eat it tends to have an effect on your sleep. This is because your sleep patterns are, in a way, linked with your diet and nutrition. This is why you should watch what you eat. If your sleep patterns are disturbed, you will have a disturbed metabolism. A disturbed metabolism leads to excessive weight gain. This is why you should curb your eating habits. In the meantime, let’s look at how your eating habits affect your sleep patterns:

Caffeine Consumption Before Bedtime

One of the many habits that disrupt your sleep is caffeine consumption. There are many people who consume coffee before bed, especially in the winter months. However, they do not realize that coffee contains caffeine and that it is a stimulant. Instead of helping you sleep, caffeine actually increases your heart rate and keeps you awake. Continue reading “How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Sleep Patterns”