Ask an Expert: Top Body Fat Monitors Reviewed

Review of Body Fat Monitors

Monitoring your body fat percentage is a great way to track your weight loss and fitness progress. After all, if you are doing a lot of strength training and building muscle, you might actually notice that the number on the scale is going up even though you are getting slimmer and more toned. Basically, your regular scale won’t be able to give you an accurate picture if it can only tell you your total weight. On the other hand, if you are seeing that your body fat percentage is going down, you’ll know that you are making progress.

There are a few different types of body fat monitors that you can choose from today if you want to track your body fat at home. To help you narrow down your many choices, we’ve compiled a short list of three of the best body fat monitors that you can consider.

The Good Old-Fashioned Choice

If you want to be able to measure your body fat without having to rely on a high-tech product, you can take the old-fashioned route with a product like the Power Systems Seko Lange. It is made of aluminum, so it is built to last, and it is simple to use, so you don’t have to be a professional. You do have to calibrate this tool first, though. Then, you can use it to get skinfold measurements. With the help of the enclosed instructions, you’ll be able to figure it all out with surprising ease, making this one of the reliable body fat monitors that you can invest in.

The Scale That’s Also a Body Fat Monitor

You are already stepping on a scale regularly in order to monitor your total body weight, so why not invest in a scale that will double as a body fat monitor, so you can do two things at once? Take, for example, the Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor, which gives you readings on everything from your weight and body fat percentage, to your body water percentage, metabolic age, visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, and basal metabolic rate. Plus, it even rates your physique.

A Monitor Focused on Body Fat

When it comes to body fat monitors, there are a lot of choices that will give you a straightforward answer when all you want to know is how much fat you have to shed to get in better shape. A great example is Omron’s Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor. All you have to do is hold the device in your hands to get a reading on your body fat, and you can set the mode appropriately based on whether or not you are an athlete. Plus, it also gives you your BMI.

We hope this list of some of the top body fat monitors will help make your experience of shopping for one easier. No matter which product you choose, just be sure to use it consistently enough to track your progress and use it to make any necessary adjustments to your fitness routine so that you can start getting better results.

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