Cut Back on New Year Cocktails for Better Weight Control

Cut Back on Christmas Cocktails for Weight Control

The holidays come with a host of delicious treats, from cookies and cakes, to yummy cocktails that you can enjoy with dinner or at a holiday party. But, if you want to control your weight more effectively, you should cut back on New Year cocktails. That’s because, according to Healio, drinking too much alcohol can actually end up adversely impacting long-term weight loss, particularly in those who have been diagnosed as obese with type 2 diabetes.

An Unclear Association

Experts admit that they aren’t totally clear on why there is an association between how much you weigh and how much alcohol you drink. However, it is wise to limit your intake of alcohol, and cut back on New Year cocktails at the end of beginning of the year, because doing so can help you reduce the number of calories that you would otherwise be drinking.

What to Drink Instead

Are you ready to cut back on New Year cocktails so that you won’t end up undermining your weight loss efforts? Well, rest assured that you don’t have to cut out alcohol completely during the holiday season. Instead, you can make wiser choices by sticking with low-calorie beverages that won’t do as much damage. Of course, you should limit your overall consumption of alcohol so that you don’t overdo it, even when you are choosing lower calorie options.

A few good examples of alcoholic drinks that will not undermine your dieting efforts include: tequila with lime juice, mojito without the syrup, rosé wine, and vodka soda with some lemon. Making small changes to the ways that you order your drinks during the holidays could be just what you need to maintain your low-calorie eating plan.

Whether you want to manage your weight throughout the year, or you are actively working on shedding some pounds despite the festivities, you might want to cut back on New Year cocktails, which are typically loaded with calories. This simple step can make a surprisingly big difference in your ability to effectively maintain your weight, and it is a smart move for your overall health as well.

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