Mexican Adventure on a La Tovara Mangrove Jungle Expedition

Mexican jungle expedition

If you’re headed to Mexico on vacation – or are still looking for the right vacation destination – take the time to look into a jungle expedition on the mangrove lined La Tovara river.  Certainly, a hike to the Salto de Jala waterfall is gorgeous, but there are times when you want to have a seat and watch the world around you, too.  This river provides the perfect adventure tour for anyone who wants to enjoy nature, see birds and animals they may never have seen before, learn about this unique habitat, and enjoy comfort the whole time.

Where is La Tovara River?

La Tovara is a famous river in Mexico. The tour boats for the jungle expedition leave from a part of the river located near San Blas. From Puerto Vallarta, it is located about three hours to the north, if you drive along the gorgeous scenic coast. The drive along that coast is a very pleasant one, as it takes you along some beautiful coastlines. You’ll get to see fishing villages and farming villages, too. If you need to stop somewhere to eat, you’re certain to find some delicious seafood near many of the beaches.

The La Tovara ecosystem is the perfect place to enjoy a jungle expedition. The reason is that the river itself is lined with mangroves. This gives you the feeling of leaving civilization behind and enjoying stretches of untouched nature. It feels even more like your own private adventure when you head out on these tours because only small boats head out on this river. You’ll feel more like you’re on a private tour than on one of the larger tourist boats that take you off the pacific coast.

What to Expect from Your Jungle Expedition

Each tour operator provides its own unique jungle expedition experience. Tours are typically around 3 hours long, though there are shorter options closer to an hour. You’ll head about 10 miles along the river on the longer trips.

To truly make your jungle expedition feel like a wild adventure, you’ll head through the area’s only crocodile reserve, the Cocodrilario Kiekari. Keep your eyes open for these astounding reptiles and learn more about them from your knowledgeable guide. Aside from crocodiles, you’ll see mammals, tropical fish, exotic birds and other animals, as well. Your guide will be sure to point out exactly what you should see, being quite adept at spotting the creatures inhabiting this ecosystem.

Lunchtime on a Jungle Expedition

These tours do not include a meal for lunchtime. Therefore, it’s up to you to make sure you’re covered. Some jungle expedition tours have the time to stop and let you off on shore for a while. This way, you can either stop at a great traditional Mexican or seafood restaurant for your meal or at least pick something up to eat. If you won’t have that opportunity, be sure to bring some snacks along to tide you over.

This will help you to make sure you’re eating well, avoiding excessive junk food and keeping your metabolism going while staying out of starvation mode.  Not only is that better for your health and waistline, but it will also make you feel better while you’re on your trip!

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