Burn Off Extra Calories Every Day with these Simple Hacks

hacks to burn more calories dailyThere are quite a few surprisingly easy ways to burn off extra calories every day, especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your already healthy weight. Check out a few of the simple hacks below and consider incorporating these into your daily weight loss program.


That’s right, fidgeting could actually help you burn extra calories even while you are just sitting at your desk or in your car. So go ahead and tap your fingers on your desk or steering wheel, move your foot around, bounce your leg, or play with your pen. You could even go a step further and replace your desk chair with a large balance ball to make your core work harder for stabilization. All of these extra movements will help your body keep burning calories for energy.

Choose to Park Farther Away

It may be really convenient to grab the parking spot that is closest to the entrance of the mall or grocery store, but going for a parking spot that is farther away is the better choice if you want to burn extra calories. You will get some extra physical activity into your day through the additional steps that you will need to take, and that could be really beneficial to your health and weight.

Lower the Temperature

Lowering the temperature in your home or office could also be a good way to burn more calories. According to researchers, being in a cooler environment could help brown fat burn calories in an effort to keep the body warm even when you are just sitting around relaxing.

Walk Around While You’re on the Phone

Rather than sitting down while you are chatting on the phone with a colleague or a friend, get up and walk around. This extra walking is a great way to squeeze in some more activity into your day, and you won’t even notice that you are doing it because you will be focused more on your conversation.

Take Simple Steps to Boost Your Metabolism

Finally, to burn extra calories throughout the day without any extra effort on your part, focus on increasing your metabolism in a healthy and gentle way. Indulging in some warm green tea is one way to help maintain a faster metabolism and increase your energy level. But you could also consider taking a stimulant diet pill that could be purchased over the counter. There are many products on the market today that you can take in order to feel more energized through a higher metabolic rate. And with a higher metabolism, you will burn more calories even if you are sedentary.

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