5 Things You Could be Unknowingly Doing to Sabotage Weight Loss

what you're doing to sabotage weight loss

Do you feel like you’re eating a healthy diet most of the time and yet you still can’t seem to get the stubborn weight to go away? It could be that you are indeed eating the right foods but perhaps you’re not eating them in the right balance. Or perhaps your food combinations are healthy but you’re not getting enough variety.

Sometimes the most unsuspecting habit can be creating a barrier to our weight loss. Our own routines can easily sabotage the rest of our efforts.

Consider the following most common things we unknowingly do and that sabotage our weight loss nutrition and other efforts:

1. You’re guessing at your portion sizes – You might think you’re getting the right portion sizes of the healthful things you’re eating, but if you look into how much you should be eating, you may be surprised at how little or how much of a certain food you should be eating. Areas where we often make mistakes include with cheeses, meats and cooking fats.

2. You’re drinking alcohol – You may think you’re doing your health a favor by having a glass of wine or two every night but you’re certainly not helping your waistline at all. The vast majority of alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories and are often high in sugar, too. If you want to make a big difference in your weight loss, reduce your alcohol intake or cut it out altogether.

3. You’re not sleeping properly – If you’re getting too little or too much sleep, you’re dooming yourself to a far greater weight loss struggle than is necessary. Research has shown that sleep has a huge impact on weight and yet many of us don’t include proper sleeping habits among our top weight loss efforts.

4. You’re forgetting fiber – It’s all well and good to count calories when you want to lose weight, but if you’re not focusing on getting enough fiber every day, you may be missing out on the opportunity to lose weight more comfortably. Fiber not only helps to prevent bloating and naturally eliminate waste and toxins, but it helps to give you a feeling of fullness so you won’t eat as much.

5. You forget about the little things – Do you taste your meals as you prepare them? While you’re at the supermarket, do you try the food samples being handed out? These little bites here and there can add calories, sugars, fats – and so on – to your day that you’re not taking into account. Moreover, they can really add up. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself wondering why you can’t seem to lose the weight despite the fact that you think you’re staying strictly within your calorie limits. It turns out, you may be consistently exceeding your calorie budget without realizing it! Count the little bites, too!

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