High Calorie Healthy Foods That Work Against Weight Loss

Just because a food seems healthy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ideal for your weight loss efforts. Some foods are actually filled with calories and other diet busters under the guise of a much friendlier product.

Of course, chips, fried foods, and sugary desserts are easy to recognize as being high in calories and low in value for your weight loss diet, but some foods have extremely good reputations and will only set you back in your efforts to reduce your waistline. Before you head out to the supermarket, make sure that you know what they are and how they will stop you from seeing the results you want when you step on the scale.

• Sushi rolls – Though rolls made from seaweed and veggies are very low in calories and can provide the perfect treat, many of the most popular rolls being sold today are doused in mayo or cream cheese as well as tempura battered deep fried seafood. Those ingredients can cause one roll to contribute between 500 and 600 calories to your daily intake. Furthermore, soy sauce is very high in sodiu8m, which won’t have any real impact on your weight loss, but it will encourage water retention, which will cause you to look larger than you are.
• Bran muffins – whether you buy a plain bran muffin or one with raisins, bananas, or apples, it may contain some fiber, but essentially all you’re eating is a cake that is labeled in a healthy sounding name to cover its 420 calories, 34 grams of sugar and 20 grams of fat.
• Dried fruit – This may seem like a handy and healthy treat, but one cup of dried fruit has between five and eight times more calories than the same amount of fresh. This is because it has been dehydrated, which makes it more dense and more of it can fit into a smaller space. For instance, a cup of fresh grapes will contain about 60 calories, but a cup of raisins will give you a whopping 460 calories. If you choose a brand of dried fruit that adds sugar to your product, the problem will be even worse.
• Granola – this may strike many people as the ultimate health food since it’s filled with seeds, nuts, and oats. However, most companies producing granola will also add oil to make sure that it becomes crispy, as well as sugar to make it taste better. One bowl of granola contains around 500 calories.

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