The Healthiest Flours to Choose When Baking for Weight Loss

healthiest flours weight loss bakingThese days, we hear that we shouldn’t be eating white flour as much – if at all – anymore, especially during weight loss. The problem with that is that such a large number of our favorite everyday foods are made with those ingredients. Does this mean that you need to give up all the foods you love the most to lose weight? Of course not! There are many alternative, healthier flours you can choose to use, instead.

To make your flour-based weight loss recipes healthier, swap out the white flour for whole grain flour or other healthier options. Some of those other options include the following:

• White whole wheat flour – This isn’t necessarily a healthy flour, but it’s healthier than white flour. It provides a better option than regular white flour but has a milder flavor than whole grain options. When you truly want the flavor you know, this provides a slightly improved option for that.

• Whole grain wheat flour – If you choose this option, make sure it doesn’t just say “wheat flour” or “whole wheat flour” on the label. You need to make certain that the whole grain of the wheat has been used in order to enjoy all the nutritional benefits available.

• Buckwheat flour – Technically made from buckwheat groats, which are seeds and not grains, it provides a mild tasting and very soft flour. For people with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, this is a great gluten-free option.

• Rye flour – Another gluten-free option, this is a darker flour that is less dense but that has a stronger flavor.

• Almond flour – As the name suggests, this is made from ground almonds. This makes the option not only gluten-free as well as being grain-free. Despite the fact that it is not a grain, it still works well with baked foods, breads, raw desserts as well as functioning as a bulking agent in foods like veggie burgers.

• Flaxseed meal – This is made out of ground flaxseeds and while it is not often used on its own as a flour replacement, it can be combined with other types of flour or used as an egg free baking binder.

• Brown rice flour – This is another flour that is particularly good when combined with other types of flour. It combines well with buckwheat, for example. It works well in baking, being used as a binder and provides a gluten-free nutty flavor. This is a fantastic choice for thickening soups.

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