What to Expect in the Mirror After Losing Major Weight

mirror after losing major weightIf you are attempting to lose weight, you might be wondering what you can expect in the mirror after losing major weight. Will you be thrilled with the results? Will there be loose skin? Will you even notice a difference? Keep reading to learn more so you can take some of the mystery out of this common question.

You Might End Up Dealing with “Phantom Fat”

Even after losing major weight, you might find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering what you have actually accomplished. Body image experts refer to what is known as “phantom fat.” Basically, when you lose a lot of weight, you might be disappointed when you look in the mirror because you don’t think that you are perfect yet. Although the extra fat is actually gone from your body and you have reached your goal, you might still look at yourself and consider yourself overweight because the phantom fat makes you feel fat despite your progress.

Yes, There Might Be Things You’re Unhappy With

After losing major weight in a short period of time, you are at a risk of having sagging skin that has not had the chance to bounce back. On top of that, you might not be happy to find that you still have some cellulite, despite all of the pounds that you lost. And you might even still be dissatisfied with your body shape overall.

It All Starts in Your Mind

In the end, losing a lot of weight will not suddenly transform your life for the better. You might very well end up looking in the mirror and still being unhappy with what you see. The key is to change your mindset by focusing on what you have accomplished, on how your body has improved, and on how much healthier you feel because of your efforts. Maintaining a healthy weight is an ongoing process for everyone, so just because you lost a lot of weight it does not mean that your work is over. In the meantime, though, it is important to love your body at every step of your journey.

While some people look in the mirror and are perfectly content with how their bodies look, others note new imperfections that need to be addressed. So when you lose a lot of weight, you might have mixed emotions because you might realize that you still have work to do. But that’s okay, and it is totally normal.

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