#SquatYourDog Workout Trend Photos Are Adorable!

#SquatYourDog trend

The #SquatYourDog hashtag has been taking over Instagram as a fun and perfectly adorable way to turn your best furry friend into a great workout pal. Not only will you have the drive to work out more and spend more time with your pup, but you’ll also have some great content for your Instagram account.

After all, dogs are some of the best exercise buddies. As you keep up with #SquatYourDog, you’ll quickly discover that your dog is the perfect motivator for your workout. After all, your pooch is always excited to get going and will never bail out on you at the last minute. You’ll never have to listen to complaints when the workout gets tough. In fact, you may even find that the tough parts seem a lot easier to you when your dog is sharing the experience with you.

With this in mind, it doesn’t take much to understand why #SquatYourDog took off so quickly on Instagram. These workouts can be done anywhere you want. Whether you’re at home, in the backyard or even at the dog park, you can get some great exercise and snap some great pics to post.

These pics are just what they sound like. All you need to do is pick up your pup and start your squats. You may not like doing squats on your own since they’re boring or repetitive, but your dog will change the experience completely. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Boxer with a bit of an overeating issue, hold your furry friend in your arms and get started.

If you have a hefty pooch or if you’re new to squats, you may not be able to do many at the beginning. The idea isn’t to hurt yourself. Do only as many as you can do. But make sure to snap a pic at the time. Then, every time you’re ready to work out, share the moment again. Over time, you’ll discover that you’re hoisting that dog far more easily and with more reps than you did at the start.

This workout can be great for your heart, your core strength, your leg strength, and even your back and arms. Furthermore, exercising with your pup – particularly in a way in which you can measure your progress – is great for mental health. It can help you to stave off depression while it gets your heart pumping. Your dog will adore the exercise and attention, too!

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