Cut 100 Calories Without Even Noticing

If you cut 100 calories out of your current diet every day, then you could lose about 10 pounds per year. That isn’t very much, but when you realize how easy it can be to reduce your diet by an additional 100 calories each day, then you might find that it is much easier to get more out of your overall weight loss diet, or at least prevent the pounds from coming back once they’re gone.

After all, 100 calories isn’t all that much, but over time, it can make an important difference in battling the bulge. You may even find that with the right tips, you’ll be able to cut back 100 calories in a few different places throughout the day, which will make an even bigger difference. If you cut back by 250 calories, for example, you’ll shed an extra 26 pounds in a year. If you’re able to drop 500 calories per day, you’ll still lose 26 pounds, but in six months, instead of a year. That’s a much bigger difference!

The key is to find the right places to make some replacements, here and there, so that you can still enjoy all of your favorite things but drop the weight in no time, flat. Since you’re not starving yourself and sacrificing everything you enjoy, you’re far more likely to be able to stick to your efforts.

Here are a few ways that you can cut 100 calories in each of your meals. Keep in mind that these are changes that you should make from your regular routine. This is not a recommendation to eat donuts and bacon for your weight loss diet:


• Instead of a flavored coffee whitener, use skim milk in two of your mugs each day.
• If you usually have sausage and eggs, order bacon, instead of the sausage.
• Eat a higher fiber cereal at the start of the day and you’ll eat fewer calories all day long.
• Choose a yeast donut instead of a cake donut.


• Make your tuna salad with 1 tablespoon of mayo and 1 tablespoon of low fat plain yogurt or cottage cheese, instead of 2 tablespoons of mayo.
• Choose barbecue sauce instead of honey mustard on your chicken wings or chicken burger.
• Skip the cheese on your burger and top it with lettuce, tomato, and onions, instead.
• Choose the child size soda instead of the medium size.
• Spritz your salad dressing instead of pouring it. You’ll need a lot less to coat all the leaves.


• Choose thin crust pizza instead of pan pizza
• Skip the butter spread on your veggies and opt for fresh rosemary and garlic in a trans fat-free margarine or olive oil.
• Make meatballs with half as much ground beef called for in the recipe and mix in that amount of cooked brown rice, instead. The same goes for cabbage rolls and meatloaf.

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