Calorie Counting Can Curb Food Cravings

Do you find that the main problem that is holding you back from being able to stick to your diet is that you are constantly tempted to treat yourself to one little thing, and you’re always giving in? If that’s the problem, then calorie counting is an important trick that you can follow to help to keep yourself in check.

A little bit of perspective can go a long way when it comes to battling your need to give into temptation. For example, if you don’t think that it’s a huge deal to have a small cheeseburger at the local fast food restaurant, then would it change your mind if you thought of it as 33 minutes jogging on the treadmill to burn off its calories and fats? Not as appealing anymore, is it? Especially when you factor in all of the other foods that you plan to eat throughout the day.

Calorie counting can help you when it comes to virtually all of the different types of food that you might want to consume throughout the day and the week, even though you know that you shouldn’t. There’s nothing wrong with having a treat once in a while, but when it becomes a regular habit, that’s when it starts to become problematic to your weight. It’s also when it gets a lot harder to stop doing – habits are hard to break, after all.

Whenever you are feeling tempted, convert that tasty treat into the amount of exercise that you would be required to do in order to burn it off. You will find that it becomes a lot easier to give up those treats or to choose a lower calorie alternative, instead.

A recent study conducted at Texas Christian University at Fort Worth, Texas, showed that a randomly assigned group of people who were offered a menu that provided calorie counts and the number of minutes of brisk walking that would be required to burn off that food, made much smarter and healthier food choices than those who received the exact same menus, but without the calories and exercise requirements.

Knowing the calories isn’t enough to stop you from giving in to the desire for your favorite treats, but understanding what those numbers mean in terms of consequences can make a very big difference.

From now on, consider the following before buying these treats:

• A glazed donut has 242 calories and will require you to do crunches for 88 minutes.
• A cheeseburger and fries has 691 calories will need 111 minutes on the elliptical.
• A milkshake has 710 calories and will require 72 minutes of jump rope.
• A slice of cheesecake contains 710 calories and will need you to go for a brisk walk for 141 minutes.
• A 21 ounce soda contains 200 calories, so you’ll need to do lunges for 54 minutes.

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