Best Pilates Moves for Weight Loss

Pilates Moves for Weight Loss
Pilates is a fantastic workout option for those who want to achieve long, lean muscles, strength, and flexibility. But if you’re trying to lose weight and you’re thinking about doing Pilates, continue reading for the moves that you should be focusing on.

The Leg Pull
To perform the leg pull, which is one of the best Pilates moves for weight loss because it works so many muscles throughout your body, start by sitting up tall and have your legs extended straight in front of you. Then squeeze your legs tightly together, point your feet, and put your hands on the edges of your mat behind your body. Your fingers should point inward. Press into the hands to elevate the hips off the floor until your body is in a diagonal line from heels to head.

Then inhale and lift the right leg as high as you can. Don’t shift the body from one side to another, and avoid dropping the butt down. Exhale as you bring the foot to the floor. Keep the chest wide and then do the same with the other leg. Do this six times, and aim to lift the legs and the hips higher every time.

The Corkscrew
Another of the top Pilates moves for weight loss is one that will effectively work your core muscles for a slimmer waistline. Start by lying down flat on your back. Your arms should be long and at your sides. After squeezing the legs together, inhale and lift the legs overhead. Roll back until you’re balancing in the middle of the shoulder blades and the arms.

Next, point the toes and exhale while rolling back down onto your spine. As you come down, lean the body just a bit to the right until the right glute muscle touches the floor. Then circle the legs to your left and inhale as you roll up to the left side of the body. You will then keep reversing the direction of the circle until you complete about three sets.

The Heel Up
For this exercise, you should keep the elbows at your sides and your abs should be sucked in. Start jogging in place, lifting the knees up to the height of your hips. Do this eight times and then kick your butt with your heels, switching from one foot to the other. Do that for eight reps.

These are just three of the many Pilates moves for weight loss that you can try to get your heart rate up and burn plenty of calories in no time.

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