Healthy Cooking Hacks That Don’t Sacrifice Taste One Bit

healthy cooking hacks for weight managementIs there anything more rewarding than great healthy cooking hacks that really work? Not in the kitchen! These are fantastic tips and tricks that let you keep the flavor in your meals while boosting nutrition and convenience.

If you’re a person who has been leaning heavily on processed pre-made foods or takeout meals, then the right healthy cooking hacks could turn your nutrition on its head. You could find yourself going from high calorie, low nutrient meals to a much more healthful balance.

Consider the following healthy cooking hacks to boost the number of home cooked meals you can make without any further inconvenience. You’ll still enjoy the foods you eat, except they won’t be a chore and they’ll be great for your body at the same time.

Eat a healthful 90 second breakfast – if you’ve been grabbing to-go breakfasts from a fast food place because you just don’t have time to make anything else, then you’ll love this. After all, you can’t beat 90 seconds. Even the lineup at the drive thru takes longer than that. Use the following super-fast recipe to make a homemade breakfast burrito packed with satisfying protein as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Line a cereal bowl with a whole grain tortilla. Crack an egg into it and add toppings like onion and red pepper (a little left over from your prep from last night’s dinner is a super time saver), green chilis and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Nuke for 90 seconds and you have a delicious, nutritious breakfast before you run out the door.

Cook twice as much – On days that you do have the drive to cook a healthful meal, cook twice as much. Then, place portions in freezer-proof containers and toss them in the freezer. That way, you’ll have the same nutritious meal all ready to heat up and eat the next time you’re too busy or tired to cook from scratch. Over time, you’ll build up enough meals in your freezer that you’ll only be cooking half the days of the week but still enjoying nutritious meals every night.

Make gradual changes – don’t overhaul your eating all at once. Start by cutting back one take-out meal per week and replacing it with one that is homemade. As that starts to feel more normal, cut back again.

Make enough for leftovers – just as you can double your batches to make other dinners, you can also cook enough food to ensure leftovers. This means you’ll have enough to become your lunch for the next day. Yet another healthy meal covered!

Watch your portions – if you find that your main challenge is to eat too much because you’re always hungry, try an weight management support pill like FenFast 375. This can help you to overcome your food cravings that would otherwise lead you to overeat.

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