Women: Why It’s Better to Be Fit Than Skinny

Better to Be Fit than skinnyFor a very long time, skinny was valued above virtually any other body shape by women for women. However, there is a new look that is starting to take hold that shows it’s better to be fit than to be skinny.

Being fit comes in a range of different forms. For some women, that does happen to be skinny. However, for many more, when you say it’s better to be fit, what it means is that you will not be small. Instead, you will have an appropriate amount of muscle and body fat to make sure your body is as healthy as it can be.

Changing your mindset to realize it’s better to be fit is actually quite important. It encourages you to eat more healthful and nutritious meals. It lets you learn more about your lifestyle and what it’s doing to your body. It also makes it easier to motivate yourself to come up with the time you need to prepare your more healthful foods and exercise each day.

If you have yet to turn your mind toward the importance of having a fitter body instead of a skinnier one, then consider the following important points:

Other people will think you’re more attractive when you’re fit. A healthy body is a beautiful one. You may want yourself to be skinny but everyone else doesn’t. They’ll like the way you look when your body finds its healthy balance. You’ll have better skin, hair and nails. You’ll be more positive and energized. You’ll look better overall. Skinny doesn’t do that unless you’re fit at the same time.

You’ll be better to be around. People will like spending time around you more. In fact, you’ll like spending more time with yourself. Since you won’t be battling hunger at every moment, you’ll be in a far better mood. Moreover, since you’re also eating more healthfully, you’ll be better able to combat depression and mood swings.

You’ll have naturally great arms. When you’re fit, your lean muscle will show through, which is a very attractive look. It will also mean you’ll be able to open your own jars and do your own lifting without breaking a sweat.

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