Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Lose Weight

Questions Before Deciding to Lose WeightBefore deciding to lose weight, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself. This helps you to know that you’re making the right choice for the right reason. Your answers will also be integral to determining whether or not you will succeed.

Ask yourself the following questions before deciding to lose weight:

Am I doing this for me? This may seem like a silly question but it isn’t. Are you losing weight because you want to or are you responding to pressure from family or friends? Are you trying to impress someone? Are you trying to stop being bullied? Unless you are doing this for yourself, it will be exceptionally difficult to succeed on this journey. Lose weight for your own reasons.

Why do you want this? What is your motivation? This is important because you will need to remind yourself of it when your drive is drooping. Write down the reasons you want to reach your weight loss goal so you can review them often.

Can I keep this up forever? If your plan involves anything other than a lifestyle change you can continue over the long term, it will fail. Your goal should be a strategy that will let you lose the weight. However, it also needs to stop the pounds from coming back again. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to start over again.

Will it hurt me if people criticize my methods? This may not seem like something you should ask yourself before deciding to lose weight but it is. People are very opinionated. They feel they have the right to criticize or advise you regardless of whether or not you’ve given them permission. If you don’t take criticism well, this will be an important test for you. Be prepared to find support where you can and remain positive in spite of those who doubt you.

Can I handle it if I fail? Before you get started, seriously think about how you’ll feel if you fail. The reason is that a fear of failure can hold you back. Embrace the fact that you’re taking a risk. If you are not successful, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try again. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from your weaknesses. Failure shouldn’t stop you. Take that message into yourself before you begin dieting.

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