How to Combine the Yoga Challenge and 20/20 Diet for Great Results

20/20 Diet and YogaWhen healthful weight loss is a goal, than any doctor will tell you that there are two main things you will need to do. The first is to change your eating habits and the second is to change your daily activity levels. A few quick searches online will tell you that one of the top eating strategy for weight loss is the 20/20 Diet, while on the fitness side, it is the Yoga Challenge.

Coincidentally, both the 20/20 Diet and the Yoga Challenge run for thirty days. It didn’t take long for this discovery to be made and the outcome has been a combination of these two daily strategies in order to promote a more healthful lifestyle, to learn some great habits for losing weight and keeping it off, and to achieve (or come much closer to) a weight loss goal.

Of course, to do this, you will likely need to make a number of important changes in your life. The first is to learn about the 20/20 Diet and speak to your doctor about whether or not it will be safe and appropriate for you to follow the four phases of this strategy. The reason is that it involves a highly restrictive eating plan. If your doctor gives the nod to your decision, then you may also want to give it some careful thought. Is this truly something you’re motivated and ready to do? It will mean that you will likely be cooking new recipes for a month, and you’ll have exceptionally limited opportunities to treat yourself with your favorite indulgences. While it may be very worthwhile, the goal certainly isn’t to set yourself up to fail.

Next, you should consider what is involved in the Yoga Challenge. While you’re already speaking with your doctor about your eating plan, you should also discuss whether or not this is the proper fitness strategy for you. You should also decide whether or not you are dedicated and determined enough to head to a class every single day for a month. This can be a struggle, particularly when you may be spending more time preparing foods and eating meals (as the diet requires you to eat four, not three meals per day) than you currently are.

If these two strategies are right for you and you are able to combine them and maintain them, you may have the chance to live a much more healthful lifestyle and drop some weight at the same time…at least for thirty days.

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