Should You Ask Your Trainer for Weight Loss Advice?

trainer weight loss adviceThere are a lot of experts out there who can provide you with great weight loss advice and it can feel as though your personal trainer might be among them, but is that fitness professional really the person you want guiding you for reducing the fat levels on your body in a long term and healthful way?

Before you can decide whether your trainer is right for weight loss advice you might want to start by asking yourself what he or she is actually trained to provide. A good personal trainer is the ultimate investment you can make in your own fitness. After all, this is an expert who will be able to give you very personalized and customized recommendations for helping you to achieve your goals for working out.

What else should you expect your personal trainer to do? It’s important for you to find out before you decide to follow weight loss advice given to you from this fitness expert, or before you ask for it in the first place.

A personal trainer is a motivator – when you’ve chosen the right person, they will help to drive you forward so you’ll be more likely to keep going back to your workout and completing it, instead of making it into just one more thing you never follow through on.

A personal trainer can help you set your goals in the first place – one of your main struggles in being able to get fit on your own could be that you’re not setting the right goals. They might be too vague, too unrealistic, or simply not right for you in any number of other ways. This expert can help you to set the right goals for your expectations for your body.

That said, it is also important to recognize that there are many things a personal trainer is not. These include the following:

  • A nutritionist or dietician
  • A psychologist or psychiatrist
  • A doctor
  • A babysitter who continually checks in on you

This means that while you can receive general information from your personal trainer, it doesn’t mean that they can do everything for you. Nor does it mean that they know everything about every health issue from which you could be struggling – physically or mentally. Therefore, if any recommendations outside workouts are recommended by your trainer, you might consider running them by your doctor just to make sure you’ll be eating right for your unique medical needs and will increase your likelihood of losing weight.

Remember, your trainer is a part of a team of experts who can help you with weight loss. He or she simply cannot know everything there is to know about you, your needs, and your expectations.

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