Why the Standard American Diet is So Unhealthy

unhealthy standard american dietThere are so many different kinds of weight loss programs in the world right now that there are destined to be some very weird ones. The odd thing is that some of those strange strategies have actually been found to be diets that work to reduce a person’s body weight.

While no single strategy is right for every dieter, it’s interesting to know that some of the diets that work are those that deviate from the usual mold. Even better news is that some of these plans are based on foods that many people actually like to eat.

This can make them more sustainable over the long term, which is something that some of the more structured diets have not yet been able to accomplish.

The following are some of the diets that work for many people, despite the fact that they’re not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about weight loss.

The Bacteria Diet – This isn’t nearly as gross as it sounds. It doesn’t place any focus on counting calories or cutting carbs, like most diets. Instead, it encourages you to eat more of the types of foods that will boost the size of the healthful bacteria populations throughout your digestive tract. Without the right bacteria in your body, you wouldn’t be able to digest a single food. When the populations of those bacteria are out of balance, your digestion is weakened and it makes it easier to feel hungry and gain weight. With the right number of bacteria in your digestive tract, you digest more efficiently, meaning that less food will give you more nutrition, will make you feel fuller and will help to stop you from feeling the urge to overeat. Your body will also burn calories more effectively which means that even if you eat the same number of calories as you usually do, they will be less likely to cause weight gain and more likely to cause weight loss.

The Beer and Sausage Diet – this sounds like some kind of plan for weight gain, but believe it or not there are some people who have used it to drop a considerable amount of weight. Of course, it means eating specific types of craft ale and very high quality sausage – not just anything you’d buy at the ballpark. The main problem with this diet is that the followers are typically feeling a touch of the alcohol most of the time and they are often hungry as it allows for small portions that aren’t necessarily enough to be filling. This beyond the fact that it is hardly nutritionally sound and cannot be kept up over the long term.

The Cabbage Soup Diet – this is the ultimate fad diet. Anyone who has tried to achieve rapid weight loss has likely tried this one at some point in their lives. Most versions run for 7 days and involve eating only cabbage soup (recipes vary, though they usually contain cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and celery) in whatever portions the dieter wants. Most of the weight lost is typically water weight, but for many people who would like to look a couple of pounds slimmer for a special event (before it comes back), this is the way they like to do it.

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