How to Eat Healthier This Holiday Season

How to Eat Healthier this holiday seasonThe holiday season is only steps away which means it’s time to learn how to eat healthier, to ensure that you’re prepared for what the next month has to offer and the impact it could have on your nutrition and your waistline.

The key to learning how to eat healthier isn’t actually in discovering how to stop eating all the traditional sweets and treats you love the most. Instead, it is in discovering how to proceed through the season in a mindful way. The majority of us promise ourselves that we won’t go nuts each year, and then we mindlessly stuff our faces with an astounding amount of food, only to make a New Year’s resolution to lose it again with the start of the next year.

This year, learn the real key to how to eat healthier and enjoy the season while you keep your nutrition high and weight down. That way, you’ll be all set to give yourself a different New Year’s resolution in 2016 – perhaps to give yourself a pat on the back more regularly for taking such great care of yourself!

Use the following tips to help to stick to a more mindful approach to nutrition this holiday season:

  • Control your portion sizes – instead of trying to cut out your favorite meals, sides, snacks and desserts, decide to take reasonable portions of what you love. That way, you won’t find yourself feeling deprived partway through the holidays, only to pig-out throughout the remainder.
  • Learn to recognize actual hunger – when you feel hungry, eat. Just make sure you’re eating sensibly. Just because your lunchtime is at noon, it doesn’t mean you need to wait until then to have something to eat. Have a low-cal, nutritionally dense snack on hand so that you can munch on something when hunger strikes. That way, you won’t have waited until you’re feeling starving at mealtime. This makes it much easier to stick to better portion sizes and to make wiser food choices.
  • Plan ahead – since this time of year is very hectic, plan ahead when it comes to healthy meals and snacks. Do your grocery shopping and food prep in advance if you can. This way, more healthful options will be ready and on hand and won’t require effort when the time comes to eat. The easier an option is, the more likely you are to choose it!

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