The Many Benefits of Pull-Ups When Exercising to Lose Weight

Benefits of Pull-Ups for weight lossOne of the most iconic exercises in the realm of fitness is pull ups. Offering a plethora of health benefits, they have a great potential for enhancing fitness in a myriad of ways when incorporated into your overall weight loss strategy. Pull ups are performed by elevating your body up to a bar and lowering yourself back down. This bodyweight exercise engages your back, lats, biceps, rear delts and core. It is used in military training protocols to develop enviably strong arms, chest, back and shoulders, while helping to maintain an adequate body weight. Here are the numerous benefits of pull ups:

Fat Loss
As pull ups work your major muscle groups, such as the large latissimus dorsi and rhomboid muscles of the back, they expend more calories and energy. Strenuously working these muscle groups boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. If you want to enhance the fat loss benefits of pull ups, reduce the time between sets or fill up that time with some jumping jacks.

Performing pull ups pumps up fat loss, especially over the unflattering belly bulges. In conjunction with other weight loss and strength training, pull ups help you glean flat, lean muscles.

Compound Upper Body Exercise
Compound exercises not only target the major muscle groups, but also trigger the secretion of growth hormone. Pull ups are a must to glean that V taper guys aspire for! The core muscles of your abs and obliques help stabilize your body as you perform pull-ups. As pull ups are a low impact exercise, they allow you to train more frequently than if you were using weights, further augmenting the potential to build muscles.

Exercise after Burn
Incorporating pull ups into your routine enhances lean muscle tissue, increases exercise after-burn, and burns calories. Exercise after-burn occurs as your body’s uptake of oxygen increases for up to 48 hours after the workout session to fulfill the oxygen debt of the body. The oxygen is needed to metabolize fat to produce energy for the worn-out muscles and to expel waste products to return recover and build. A good exercise routine is to do pull ups for 30 seconds, followed by a 1-minute session of squats and an equal period for pushups and lunges. Repeat the circuit at least 3 times, with a 2-minute respite in between!

Instead of splurging a fortune on expensive workout machines, one of the major benefits of pull ups is that they can even be performed at home. All you will need is a bar to pull your body up and down on to complete a circuit!

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