10 Tasty and Healthy Back to School Lunches

healthy Back to School LunchesAs August comes to an end, we all start preparation for school. Amidst the clamor to get the stuff ready to send your kids to school, you might overlook what to make for their lunch. To make things easier for you, here’s a look at 10 tasty and healthy back to school lunches:

1. Roasted Little Peas & Cheese Frittatas
Cheese frittatas are everyone’s favorite so give it a try this September with a new twist. Most people think it’s going to be hard to make this just because of its fancy name but in reality it’s the same as quiche, except it doesn’t have a crust. You can easily add cooked items to it, like roasted baby peas. To enhance the flavor you can add more veggies and eggs.

2. Spring Rolls
This is the same as any other lettuce or bacon sandwich but the only difference here is there is no sandwich, just the same content wrapped in a healthier and slightly toasted wrap. You can add fresh herbs, such as mint and basil.

3. Veggie Pizza Rollups
Dazzled with cottage cheese to keep it protein-rich and low in fat, the veggie pizza rollups are the best thing to keep you energized all day long. Add some spinach and carrots and top it up on whole wheat pizza dough.

4. Southwest Salad with Sizzling Cilantro Dressing
Whenever grilling chicken for dinner, do yourself a favor and grill an extra breast piece for lunch. Add some Greek yoghurt and traditional spices and serve it with cilantro on its top.

5. Strawberry Quesadillas
Fill a whole wheat tortilla with some sliced strawberries and load it up smashed avocados and beans of your choice with a sprinkle of cheese over the contents and serve with tomato salsa.

6. Cranberry Chicken Salad
Fill your sandwich with loads of good fats and proteins with pecans, rosemary, and cranberries with a touch of mayo or fresh cream

7. Roasted Pepper Sandwich with Grilled Eggplant
Take some eggplants, tomatoes, and a handful of roasted peppers of different varieties. You don’t need anything except some smoky cheese for flavoring and mixing.

8. Greek Salad Sandwich
Easy to pack and convenient to carry, the Greek salad sandwich is one of the most popular back to school lunches. On a piece of whole wheat bread spread a layer of feta cheese, and add some parsley, lemon juice, and chickpeas. Red onions and tomatoes are a great addition.

9. Sesame Noodles with Vegetables
Sesame noodles are one of the few back to school lunches that have their own class. You can make them effortless by boiling a batch of themed noodles and tossing in all your leftovers.

10. Hummus, Veggie, and Turkey Wrap
For picky eaters, the conventional easy to carry meal becomes more nutritious if made with whole wheat tortilla. You can use different fillings each time. A combination of flavored hummus, tomato salsa, and sliced turkey is worth a try.

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