What Women Should Know About Menopause and Weight Gain

As women get older, they develop some common problems which are in fact symptoms of them approaching menopause. Menopause is a difficult time for most women as it signifies a huge life change. Due to this fact, arrival of menopause can initiate phases of depression that can get severe if she is not provided the proper attention and support she desires from her friends and family.

Menopause signifies to women that they have become old and as a result the thought of losing their beauty and growing old as well as nearing death all makes the life change far more severe than any other change in life.

However, the psychological changes are accompanied by many physical changes as well. These changes can make the situation seem much worse. One of the biggest changes most women undergo after menopause is weight gain. This is mainly why menopause and weight gain are often mentioned together. The thought that she has gotten old and is going through the life change that she has been hearing about for a good part of her life is accompanied by a gain in weight. The combined attack of these two stressors causes women to lose confidence and her self-esteem suffers with it.

Needless to say, women face body image issues that take its toll on their self-image. Most women face a lot of fear and lose sleep over the fact that they will grow old and become ugly. When they are faced by both these issues in the form of menopause and weight gain, they lose the will to live, due to the extreme depression they experience. If, on the other hand, they are aware of at what age they will experience menopause and what symptoms will be experienced at this age, they have a higher probability of being prepared for it, compared to coming face to face unexpectedly with the change.

The worst part is that all the menopause and weight gain takes place around the abdomen area which makes a woman look round. This drastic change in appearance can be heartbreaking for a woman. Along with weight gain, many other health problems come hand in hand, such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension and osteoporosis. Breast cancer is another health problem many women experience once they hit menopause and as a result, they need to take extra care when they cross that barrier and undergo the change in life.

As a rule, women must increase their intake of healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits and lean meats, fish and dairy. The importance of calcium needs to be understood by all women, in order to keep osteoporosis at bay. Additionally, exercises like walking and yoga should be made a part of daily life to keep the body flexible and strong as this will help in keep injuries at bay. By being more careful and living a healthy life, women can lose all the extra weight and regain their former strength as well.

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