Top Psychological Obstacles to Weight Loss

Just how many times have you started on a diet only to stop because you lost track of what went wrong. It is actually quite maddening. Even after a hundred or so attempts to lose weight and having read every article out there on weight loss, we have no idea what goes wrong each time!

So, we start a new diet every Monday with the conviction that this time it is for real and we will finally shed it all. That thought lasts till about lunchtime and we are soon scratching the walls, ready to jump out of the window. We soon convince ourselves that we do not need to deprive ourselves and what we really need is to eat in moderation.

Long story short, all kind thoughts of moderation go out of our mind and we are back to where we started, full of guilt, remorse and thoughts of being a failure. So, what must one do to lose weight and what are the biggest obstacles to weight loss that is hindering our efforts to lose weight once and for all. Let’s look at biggest psychological obstacles to our weight loss missions:

Deprivation and Moderation Mentality

When we start on a new diet, we enter the regimen with a deprivation mindset, which automatically puts us in a defensive mode. Humans cannot work with a deprivation mentality because as soon as you try to stay away from what you desire the most, well guess what, you are going to end up indulging in it.

The other side of the coin is moderation, which is actually how it should be. Do not place the forbidden label on anything because as soon as you do, you increase the desirability of that food item even more. Take a bite and savor it thoroughly, followed by another one, and one more. Three bites are enough to satisfy any craving and you do not need any more than that.

Putting It Off Until Tomorrow

The ‘put it off until Monday’ mentality will probably be the doom of all your weight loss plans if you are not careful. Start now but take a small step. That is the only way you will ever achieve any success that will last. You want to cut out sugar, start by reducing your daily intake by a fourth and keep at it for a week, before reducing it by another fourth and sticking to it till this reduction becomes routine.

Not Living In the Moment

We are barely existing in the moment, since we are so focused on what is to come. When you are eating your main course, you are thinking about the dessert and so on. When you stop everything else and focus on the meal that is in front of you, accepting that this meal is not going anywhere, you can begin to enjoy the bite in your mouth. Eat slowly and mindfully, enjoying every morsel and that is the only way you will ever achieve any real satisfaction from your meals and deal with obstacles to weight loss.

If you start applying these tricks to your weight loss plan, you will soon find that weight loss becomes natural, effortless and downright enjoyable. After all, you are getting to eat what you want with the only condition being that you stay present in the moment. All psychological obstacles to weight loss will go away.

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