The Best Abs Workout for a Tight Belly

Do you dream of having those rock hard abs that you see in magazines? Are you desperate to get a good looking mid section but feel unsure of what it takes? If you feel like you will never get rid of the flab and you are destined to a life of a soft middle section, then it’s time to think again.

It can be tough to get those abs in shape, but the right exercises can help you tremendously. Aiming for a good overall abs workout is always the way to go. Once you take on these exercises, you will start to see some amazing changes and really shape this part of the body in a profound way.

It’s not always easy to shape this area of the body and it is a common problem area. You may have gained weight during a pregnancy or are just more prone to weight gain here, and that means you must take a more concerted effort. However, it is important to note that you don’t want to spot train, or focus only on this area of the body. These exercises are a great focused effort, but you do also need to really incorporate strength and cardio as part of your routine.

These exercises make up the best abs workout that you can find, and they aren’t that hard to achieve. You want to aim for perfect form and then add weight or resistance, or even try out a different variation. If you do really well with one of these, then mix it up and try a new one or get crazy with a new approach to it.


These are by far one of the best ab exercises out there. You hold yourself up only by your forearms and your toes, and that means some serious core work goes into the holding position. You will shake and that means that it’s working, and you want to aim for holding this plank for longer and longer until you start to see the results of this hard work.


Lying on your back you raise one knee up into the air, then you move the opposite bent arm to meet it. You are moving through like you’re riding a bike and continuing to alternate—opposite elbow to opposite knee. You will feel this right away and it’s a good burn that will go deep into the muscle tissue and help you tone up those abs.

Circle Crunches

This is a fun and really unique twist on crunches that really works! You perform a traditional crunch but you start at one side, then move to the middle during the crunch, and then the opposite side. Then you put your head back down, and start again going the opposite direction. It sounds simple but moving from side to middle to other side can be strenuous and really challenges the ab muscles to work out.


This is a great Pilates move that works great for that comprehensive abs workout. You start out with arms outstretched over head while you lie down and feet bent and in the air. Then you pull the legs in as you move the arms to meet, and hold onto the knees for a moment. This is core intensive and hard to perform at first. Be sure that you hold the movement at the top when the arms and legs meet, and you will get an extra squeeze on the abs, and that means great results!

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