Top Advice from Plus Size Fitness Experts

There is so much pressure to be thin in this day and age. Though you may be doing everything right, you may find that your body type is one that will never be stick thin—and that’s okay! Everyone is built differently and in the end it’s really more about taking good care of yourself than working to be a certain size. That’s why taking advice from plus size fitness experts can help people of all sizes to get fit and look and feel their best. This is an excellent approach that takes into consideration that beautiful and healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes.

What you will find as the overriding message is getting to know your body. Though you may have the desire to be a certain size, your muscle composition or frame may dictate something different. Rather than focusing on that certain weight or size, why not focus on getting healthier? You may lose some weight but you may also find that your goals are much different than you thought that they were. This is a great learning experience and will help you to look and feel your best in the end.

So if you’re frustrated with the “one size fits all” fitness plan or the notion that everyone needs to be a size 2, taking the best advice from plus size fitness experts will help you in your journey. You can build muscle, shed some fat, and be fit even if you don’t fit into a certain size that society tells you that you should be in. Heed this advice and you can’t go wrong.

Know what the right size for you is: Not everybody is going to be a size 2, nor should they even strive to be that size. Get your measurements, understand what your body type is, what your BMI is and what an ideal weight may be. Then work with what you’ve got—sure you can lose weight and get healthy, but that may not always come the way of fitting into a certain size dress. Know what to strive for and then let it go. Focus on a healthy end goal and let that be what guides you.

Focus on a lot of strength training to add muscle tone and definition: You are going to burn some serious calories, even at rest, when you focus on strength training. Sure you will add muscle definition and that’s a main focus, but you are also going to rev up your metabolism. What you will find in the best advice from plus size fitness experts is that strength training helps you to shed the unwanted fat, but also to go deep into the muscle tissue. So you end up in better shape and are able to burn calories more efficiently, all while shaping your body in the most effective way possible. Make this a priority and a regular fixture for great results!

You won’t get anywhere without eating the right foods: The mistake that a lot of people at any size make is thinking that they can eat whatever they want if they work out a lot—don’t fall into this trap! You need to really focus on good workouts but also complement that with the right diet. You need to focus on lean proteins, whole grains, good fats, and loads of fruits and vegetables. This is how you achieve balance, how you lose weight, and how you ultimately look and feel your best. If you don’t eat the right foods then all the working out in the world won’t give you the results that you are working so hard for.

Be realistic about your fitness goals and what you want to accomplish: Some of the best advice from plus size fitness experts is that you have to be realistic not only about your weight loss or body goals, but also about your fitness goal. Do work out because it makes you feel healthier, but don’t become obsessed simply because you want to lose weight. Mixing cardio with strength training and working out at least 4-6 times a week will help you to be your best.

Love the skin you’re in and recognize that if fitness is a main component in your healthy lifestyle,  you will become the best version of yourself that you can—and that isn’t dictated only by the size that you are, so just love the body that you have and make it the best it can be!

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