Dairy-Free Recipes You Wouldn’t Know Were Dairy-Free

If you are a lover of food but happen to have lactose intolerance, then you may want to find the best dairy-free recipes. You will be surprised to know that some of your favorites can come to you without using any dairy at all. There are some great options out there that can help you to enjoy your favorite dishes, but without any of the effects of dairy. Not only that, but you may also be happy to know that you can make some simple adjustments to your favorite dishes and keep the flavor without the potential side-effects.

The first thing to consider is what alternatives you may have available to make dairy-free recipes work for you. Turning to a milk alternative like almond milk can work tremendously. You can enjoy all of your favorites, but without the drawback that lactose poses. You can make a protein drink or smoothie loaded up with your favorite berries or fruit, using almond milk as the base, and you will never miss the dairy milk.

Focus on What You Can Have and Not on What You Can’t Enjoy

Try to make some of your favorite dishes and create dairy-free recipes by using a dairy-free milk substitute. You can make macaroni and cheese by using lactose-free milk and cheese substitute. You can mix up a delicious dessert using a non-dairy whipped cream at the base. You can make pudding or even “cream”-based soups, all with a milk alternative. This is great news for those who need to follow a lactose-free diet but who don’t want to miss their favorite dishes.

The key to finding the best dairy-free recipes is to focus on great substitutions and alternatives. So you may very well be able to enjoy a delicious “ice cream” cake by using a great diary-free frozen yogurt rather than ice cream at the core. The good news these days is there are so many wonderful alternatives that you won’t even miss the dairy. You can enjoy favorite dishes but also stick with a lactose-free diet—and that means delicious dishes while never having to suffer ever again!

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