How to Cook Up Delicious, Healthy Holiday Meals

Are you planning to cook up delicious yet healthy holiday meals this season? Before you start working on your menu, make sure you include the right kind of fats and nutrients that do your body good instead of harming it. Here is a list of healthy substitutes that will work well with your meals:

Use Coconut Milk in Place of Heavy Cream

For making sumptuous holiday soups, like pumpkin stews and crab bisques, don’t be too inclined to use heavy cream. By replacing heavy cream cup with coconut milk, you are able to achieve a similar, creamy texture for only half the calories and with a tantalizing coconut taste.

Use Cacao Nibs Instead of Chocolate Chips

Cacao nibs are antioxidant-rich parts of cocoa beans, which are unprocessed and are used for making chocolate. Play with your healthy holiday meals by including these when you are supposed to use chocolate chips. This will cut out the sugar and dairy components of your meals without forgoing the sweetness.

Meringue for Frosting

Do you really want to add a whole box of confectioners’ sugar to your meal? Prepare a meringue, which is devoid of fat, in place of frosting. Mix two egg whites with four tablespoons of sugar in your blender; this gives you less sugar and less guilt at high speed.

Diced Tomatoes Instead of Canned Sauce

Although widely used, a jar of store-bought tomato sauce contains large quantities of extra sugar hidden inside. For your lasagna feast to be served during the holiday season, make use of freshly diced tomatoes for a healthier and more eye-catching dinner that’s loaded with antioxidants.

Use Vanilla Extract for White Sugar

White sugar can be skipped in each of your recipes by substituting it with vanilla extract, which is delicious and adds a strong flavor with fewer calories. Make sure you add a couple of tablespoons of vanilla extract in place of each cup of sugar.

Unsweetened Applesauce in Place of Oil

Cut down on large portions of oil in your holiday menu by using unsweetened applesauce. This fat-free puree goes well with muffins and even works for cakes and brownies.

To accommodate everybody’s individual tastes as you cook delicious and healthy holiday meals, consider the wide variety of healthy substitute ingredients available. Cook your potluck suppers, impressive dinners, and tempting appetizers by following these healthy guidelines; then you can rest assured that whatever you put on the table is healthy yet appetizing.

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