Healthy Foods to Stay Full and Focused Throughout the Workday

It is common for people to skip breakfast in the morning, eat heavily in the afternoon, and wind down the day with a hearty meal at night, including dessert. Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good dinner, but the problem with a late, heavy meal is it deprives your body of the essential foods when you need them the most.

Breakfast is the best time to have a healthy meal as it is the time when you wake up after six to seven hours without having any food at all. There is not much going on after dinner, so piling up your plate at night only means accumulating fats and sugars in your body when there is no significant activity for you to burn them.

Therefore, when you are planning your meals for the day, picture them in a pyramid. No, we’re not talking about the “food pyramid” but a figure that serves as a guideline for the foods you will eat over the course of the day. Breakfast is the base, which means it must include foods to stay full and focused while your evening snack must be able to fit the tiny tip.

Picture this: You grab coffee and a bagel at 7 a.m. while going to work in the hope of filling yourself up. However, caffeine and carbohydrates are only meant to provide a powerful but transitory energy boost. By 11 a.m., you will end up spacing out at your desk or making your way down to the hall to attack the vending machine for an equally carbohydrate-loaded pick-me-up. If carbohydrates act as firewood to your metabolism, then protein is the slow-burning wood to keep going.

Include protein in your breakfast in the form of scrambled, poached, or fried eggs. This will provide you a breakfast high in protein, fat, and vitamins. Also, by using peanut butter with a little honey in place of jelly, you can have a filling toast. Adding yogurt to your breakfast can also be a good idea to eat with some fresh fruit.

In the afternoon, consume leafy vegetables and replace cream in your coffee with almond milk. Stop eating sugary candies, and use grapes to get the same flavor. A handful of grapes and a handful of M&Ms lead to different outcomes, both for your physical and mental well-being. Dehydration can also cause you to be lethargic and can trigger headaches and muscle pain. Drinking lots of water along with eating other healthy foods to stay full and focused is the easiest way of staying hydrated.

Keep track of your energy levels to figure out which foods work best for your body. By keeping a log of the food you eat and drink, you can identify your personal selection of foods to stay full and focused throughout the day.

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