5 Super Easy Raw Recipes to Derive More Nutrition from Your Dinner

Many people consider raw food diet to be unpleasant and bland, and this is why they avoid eating it. The mere thought of consuming raw food might disgust some individuals. However, there are many benefits of consuming raw food. When food is cooked, it loses part of its nutritional qualities. When you consume the foods raw, you get to enjoy all the nutritional benefits the food has to offer. Besides, raw foods contain fewer calories.

Another concern regarding raw foods is preparing them. Most people are not aware of how to prepare raw foods. Let’s look at five easy raw recipes to help you derive more nutrition from your dinner:

Mushroom and Olive Pizza

Pizzas are quite tasty, but they contain a large number of calories. This is why they should not be eaten when you are on a weight loss diet. However, mushroom and olive pizza can be made as a lower-calorie, easy raw recipes. One may be led to believe that raw recipes are not as tasty, but you are sure to love this pizza.

Chestnut and Pumpkin Soup

Almost everybody loves pumpkin and chestnuts. Imagine two of your favorite foods combined into one as a soup. If you want to enjoy a great, simple raw recipe, you should try this soup. You can even store it for a couple of days afterward.

Carrot and Salad (Served with Fennel Dressing)

Carrots and fennel make the perfect salad. To add flavor and texture to the salad, you can come up with a great fennel dressing. This raw salad recipe is one of the most popular amongst fitness enthusiasts.

Mixed Salad (Served with Fennel and with Lemon and Cashew Dressing)

This mixed salad contains goji berry and fennel. To make the flavor really interesting, you can pair this salad with a fennel, lemon, and cashew dressing.

Celeriac and Zucchini Soup

Zucchini and celeriac are great ingredients when it comes to easy raw recipes. There are numerous ways in which you can prepare celeriac and zucchini soup. The best thing is that these two ingredients taste amazing together.

If you want to derive more nutrition from your dinner, be sure to try these easy raw recipes.

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