How Long Does It Take to Change Your Taste Preferences?

Taste preference is a truly amazing characteristic. People tend to prefer a particular type of taste but can alter this preference. However, taste preference does not always change voluntarily; sometimes it changes automatically. The exact reason for a change in taste preference is not known. However, there are many times your preferences will change temporarily. For instance, when a woman is pregnant, the hormones cause her taste preference to change.

The best thing about taste preferences, though, is that you can change them yourself as well. If you want to go on a diet and slim down, you can change your taste preferences to maintain a healthy diet. This does not happen overnight, however. You will have to work toward this change.

Patience and Persistence Are Key

Do keep in mind that you have liked savory foods for almost all your life. This is why transitioning from unhealthy food to healthy options with less-strong taste is not going to be easy. You must be patient. If a particular food promotes the gag reflex, it is best to consume it in limited quantities and chew it thoroughly. You may need to continue doing this for a while until you get used to it. Once you do, you will not have any problems eating the food. If you try to rush an attempt to change your taste preferences, you are less likely to succeed.

Incorporate Different Flavors into the Food

Another way to change your taste preferences is to change the flavor of the foods you dislike. You can even start by combining these foods with foods you love. Gradually increase the quantity of the less-preferred foods until you begin liking them. Again, the key here is persistence and patience.
If you are patient, you can change your taste preferences in no time. Do keep in mind that you may be a supertaster. This is a term used to define individuals who have stronger taste buds in their tongue than others. Supertasters are able to determine the minutest of flavors in food, so they might have more difficulty eating certain foods—or find healthy food less bland than others do.

Do Not Force Yourself

Many people try to alter their taste preference by forcing themselves to eat certain foods. This practice often backfires. Instead of forcing yourself, you should gradually get your taste buds used to the less-desirable taste.

Changing your taste preference is not difficult. The process is quite easy, but it takes some time and requires patience.

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