The Problems Associated with Eating Seafood Today

There are many reports of health issues being caused by seafood nowadays. Most of these reports are true, and there are particular reasons why seafood is causing problems. First and foremost, there are quite a few types of seafood that can cause issues for the body. Secondly, most people prefer consuming raw seafood, which entails additional risk. Let’s look at some of the problems associated with eating seafood today:

Excessive Quantity of Mercury in Some Fish

There are many problems associated with seafood. However, the biggest issue with seafood is that some types of fishes contain a significant quantity of mercury. If you consume too much mercury, it can be extremely damaging to the health. This is why you should look for fish that do not have a high quantity of mercury in them. The best way to avoid problems associated with eating seafood is to avoid high-risk species of fish. You should look for fish that have a higher quantity of selenium as opposed to mercury. This will benefit your health instead of causing problems.

Risks of Eating Raw Fish or Sushi

There are quite a few risks associated with eating fish that is not properly cooked. Nowadays there is an ongoing trend of eating raw fish. On the other hand, there is the tradition of eating half-cooked fish as sushi. The truth is that fish that is completely raw or not cooked properly should not be eaten. When fish is cooked, the bacteria inside die and the fish is safe to eat. However, when fish are eaten raw, they can transmit stomach worms and bacteria into your body. Food poisoning from raw fish is one of the biggest problems associated with eating seafood. The best bet is to cook fish properly before eating.

Abdominal Cramps and Nausea

Not only fish but also other types of seafood are also quite likely to cause problems for you. Many people like eating oysters that are undercooked, directly from the shell. Shellfish are also eaten raw or undercooked. These types of seafood, when eaten raw, can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, and headaches. This is because such seafood is meant to be eaten cooked. If it is not cooked properly, it will affect your health significantly.

Do keep in mind that there are many benefits of consuming seafood. In fact, these benefits outweigh the problems overall. However, you have to take care regarding the type of seafood you are eating. Also, make sure the seafood is properly cooked to avoid any type of health issues.

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