How to Prevent The Winter Exercise Slump

The winter brings lazy feelings of comfort food, the cold weather and shorter days with early nights. This paints a wonderful snowy picture that you would find in a Normal Rockwell painting. So, in saying that, you know already that it is not an exercise type of day. So what we tend to do is turn into bears and want to hibernate then come out and eat like we have never seen food. This is the winter exercise slump and eating binge time.

How to prevent the winter exercise slump?

A lot of how to prevent this from happening is psychological and maybe a little physical adjusting.If you live in a cold climate that snows, you may be in doors a lot. However if you aren’t then taking advantage of the cold weather to warm up and exercise may just be the thing to do.You will tend to gain weight more during the winter season because it makes you want to just eat the heavy soups, stews and stuff like chicken and dumplings.

So, how do we conquer this with exercise? Well, our bodies need more carbs in the winter so eating comfort food should be ok when it’s not in excess. But exercise must certainly be done to keep your metabolism up to speed because this slows considerably when you aren’t moving around as much or not at all. Most of us are drinking hot cocoa on the couch. This does nothing for the calorie burning process.

Outdoor activity is still encouraged:

If it isn’t snowing or there is no black ice to slip on then invest in a good track suite and layer from the inside out. The point is to inspire you to use the cold weather to get warm. You can only do this by moving and once you do, you’ll feel great! You’ll also emerge just as light or not much heavier than you would have otherwise in the spring time.

Not a runner? That’s OK, walking is just fine as long as you raise your heart rate for 20 minutes. Be aware that the cold air may feel uncomfortable until you get used to it.

Other reasons why you should push outdoor exercise:

The reason for pushing outdoor exercise is because of calorie burning potential. This is the way to eat comfort food the legal way and not gain much weight if any at all. Oxygen is the key here and sending it to large muscles by breathing deeply will burn calories. Add some hand weights and you have enough resistance to burn more. This will give you more energy and help get you out of the winter exercise slump fast.

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