Great Ways to Make Exercise Exciting

For most people, exercising is not at all fun. Some have had to do it for a lifetime to assist with weight loss. There are some of us who have never had to exercise and now have gotten older or maybe had a baby and now have to exercise to boost metabolism.

Why we view exercise in a negative light:

Most exercise failures stems from thoughts and perception. Our perception of exercise is hard work—period. This comes in the form of working out in the gym with heavy weights and spending a lot of money and times with the looming failure over our heads. This makes the thought of any exercise oppressive. However, you can make exercise exciting.

Exercise does not have to be in a gym, nor does it have to be hard to be effective. You can even make exercise exciting and fun. Calories get burned by activities such as breathing—so anything you do will burn calories. Walking to the store instead of taking the car everywhere is one awesome way that you can do one of the best exercises for you apart from swimming. You don’t have to exercise and tell yourself “Ok it’s time to exercise now” this is a way to get out of the mindset of exercise in order to do more effective exercise. Yes you are tricking yourself, but it works.

Make a list:

Make a list of the things you normally have to do each day. If you go to the grocery store then prepare to walk and raise your heart rate. If you are doing manual chores like the floor—you can burn a lot of calories doing these chores. To make it fun—just turn on your favorite music and get to it! The feel good chemicals will flow and you’ll do more than what you think—including burning calories. Music will help you make exercise exciting more than anything.

Get the Kids Involved:

Have kids? Do the exercises with them! You have play time with them so you are in a great position to turn on some music they like and get to some squats and lunges. You would be surprised at the cooperation you’ll get for exposing your child to a new and fun activity with you. At the same time you’ll be keeping them in shape and creating a fun experience they will even ask to do it in some cases! Even kids can make exercises exciting for you. What do you have to lose?—besides weight!

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