Why Cutting Calories Too Low is Not the Way to Lose Weight

Though many people try it as a way of losing weight, cutting calories too low is simply not the way to go. This is a method that you have heard about for years, sometimes even from the medical community. You hear and believe that cutting calories to a minimal level can help you to drop the weight. This is simply not true!

Not only can you stop your weight loss efforts altogether by cutting your calories dramatically, but you can even have just the opposite effects. So if you are looking for an effective way to lose the weight once and for all, don’t go to extreme measures if you want to be successful.

When you begin cutting calories too low, this sends signals to your body. What happens is that your brain perceives that you are somehow going into starvation mode. This means that the body will work hard to protect you from starving. Ultimately this is a good thing—but not for weight loss! What happens when your body perceives that you are going into starvation mode is that it holds onto every bite of food that you eat. In order to protect you this happens, but the end result is that you end up gaining weight and this is contrary to what you are attempting to do.

This Is Not a Healthy or Long Term Method To Use

Another reason why cutting calories too low is not good for you is that this will not be a method that you can keep up with for a significant amount of time. Any extreme measures including deprivation in this manner will not be ones that you can or should keep up with for an extended period of time. So what ends up happening? As soon as you begin to eat normally again and you strive for a normal and balanced number of calories, that’s when the weight comes back. You may end up gaining more than you ever lost!

Finally in cutting calories too low what you must realize is that this simply isn’t a healthy way to go. This is bad for your body and doesn’t give you what you need to sustain yourself in a day. You don’t have enough energy to power through a workout or even to function properly because you are lacking the nutrients that you need. You feel sluggish and will often give into temptation and eat whatever is put before you because you feel so hungry. So watch what you eat, but never cut your calories too low as it’s not good for you and can really backfire in the end!

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