How to Lose More Than 100 Pounds Safely

Lose More Than 100 Pounds Safely

Anyone who has ever been obese knows that staring a 100 pound or more weight loss in the face is like beginning a desert trek with no end in site. It seems just as threatening but you can lose more than 100 pounds safely.

How to know you have to lose more than 100 pounds safely

This may seem silly but we want to make sure that no one with an eating disorder tries to lose too much weight. There are disorders like anorexia-bulimia that make an individual believe that no matter how underweight they are—they have to lose more.

When you are in the neighborhood of 300 pounds and under 6 feet—you need to investigate the situation. A visit to the doctor to assess your weight and health situation is important. When you are aiming to lose more than 100 pounds safely you are already at the point where medical intervention is necessary and this is why.

First, your system including your cardiovascular system is already over taxed so you may need a stress-test to make sure no damage to the heart muscle has been done. The other organs need to be tested as well such as the pancreas and liver. Don’t worry—nothing invasive—just a blood-test. The reason for this is when you are obese; your body is not very efficient when it comes to processing sugar and insulin and a multitude of issues could already exist—including but not limited to diabetes.

Before you can lose more than 100 pounds safely

You must balance your body chemistry first and allow the possibility for the doctor to prescribe a diet pill such as Phentermine. If you are sensitive to the prescription, then a non-prescription pill like Phentermine-D may be in order. After that you can do some things to make sure your weight loss experience is safe and permanent.

How to lose more than 100 pounds safely

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure you begin a safe exercise routine daily.
  • Make sure that the exercise routine is doctor recommended and you don’t go too far.
  • Make sure you aren’t losing more than 4 pounds a week—at the beginning.
  • After the first 10 pounds, you should slow it down to two pounds a week. Why? Because you don’t want to overtax your organs and you also don’t want to lose the weight so fast you become ill.
  • The last concern for you to lose more than 100 pounds safely: don’t lose it so fast that you gain it back double!

Should you take a phentermine alternative too?

In addition to eating right, exercising, and working closely with your doctor to ensure that you are losing a lot of weight in a safe and efficient manner, you might also want to consider taking a prescription diet pill like phentermine. This is just one example of many diet pills that are available from your doctor, but it is one of the most popular because it has been around for a long time. According to, however, it can cause side effects, and it is not appropriate for all dieters, so your doctor will need to carefully evaluate your health and weight to figure out if this would be the right product for you.

In the event that a prescription diet pill isn’t right for you, or you have already taken a prescription and you can no longer take more, you can talk to your doctor about the possibility of switching to a phentermine alternative that you can buy over the counter. A product that is made using high-quality ingredients, and that can support you on your weight loss journey by doing things like giving you more energy, might be just what you need to hit your next milestone!


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