Low Calorie Diet Nutrition: Maintaining Daily Values

One of the most difficult things to do when dieting is to maintain daily values. There are several reasons why. One common reason is that we may be eating up to 2 to 3 thousand calories a day without knowing it. But our bodies and brains know it so when we slow it down to a dull 1200 to 2000 calories a day to lose a pound or two a week it seems like a dramatic chore.

The main issue with eating and people:

The main issue to maintaining daily values even those who are not dieting or those who have and are now on the maintenance plan—is simply this—we were never taught how to eat. Taught how to eat? Yes that is correct—you heard right—there is a way to do it that is far beneficial than what society and the media has shown us. The way we eat today comes in two speeds—one—on the go and two—three large meals a day and a load of snacks that aren’t always the best for us.

What does this habitual eating pattern do?

What this habitual eating pattern does is teach is to randomly gorge ourselves with as much food as possible in one sitting. This is the old “clean your plate” ideal which as well-meaning as it was—did us no good weight wise as a country and frankly—may have contributed to some eating disorders as well—the thing that eating on the go does is waste precious calories on fast food.

Maintaining daily values:

The best way to maintaining daily values are to eat in small doses all day as well as choosing healthy snacks and smaller meal portions when we do sit down to a meal. When people diet initially, they go directly from large portions and second helpings to a smaller portion and it’s hard to handle but when you eat small meals throughout the day you’ll find it’s a breeze and you can certainly burn it off almost effortlessly. You will also notice a marked difference in your energy because diabetics and hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) sufferers have to eat like this. Because you are not sending the message to your brain that you are starving because you’ve cut your intake in half all of a sudden. You also get the added a larger variety of food and nutrients for energy and maintaining daily values.

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