Why Cardio Might Not Be Enough to Get the Body You Want

You probably think that your exercise regimen is working well for you, but you might be surprised to learn that cardio might not be enough. So many people have the best of intentions and hit the gym heading to their favorite piece of cardio equipment. They are disappointed when they hit a plateau or when they don’t have the progress that they were hoping for. The problem is that if you are focusing only on cardio, then you are missing out on a major component of fitness. You are never going to change your body with cardio alone!

Here’s the thing, cardio might not be enough because it will not add the muscle, tone, and definition that you are after. You may lose some weight initially just using cardio, but it won’t last. Cardio must always be accompanied by a good strength training component to get the best results. Strength training helps to add muscle tone and that’s essential in changing your body for the long term. Simply losing weight is fine, but it will often result in loose skin and a physique that is lacking in many different areas. If you add the strength component, then this is when you get to the long term change that you have been after.

Cardio Alone Won’t Get You The Changes That You Need or Want

Cardio might not be enough because it also doesn’t do anything for your metabolism. What a lot of people don’t realize is that strength training is like a direct line to your metabolism. The more muscle that you add to your physique, the more calories that you are burning at a resting rate. This is all happening naturally behind the scenes long after you workout. So as you move through the workout you are adding muscle, speeding up your metabolism, and really helping to change the way that you process and burn calories.

Not only is cardio not enough, but strength training is what will elicit the most changes. When you add resistance in this manner and you really work to change your body by strengthening it, you start to see the changes firsthand. You are stronger, you have more endurance, and you can handle more in your workouts as well. If you are after long term change and you want to avoid or work through the plateaus, then strength training is the answer! This is how you change your body and your lifestyle forever, and all by adding one simple but highly effective fitness component!

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