Use Circuit Training to Blast off Extra Pounds

Circuit training is one of the hottest trends for fast fat burn using less time and more energy. It is a cheat workout that is shorter and faster but boy is it effective. It is basically weight or “resistance” training and can be personalized. This means that it doesn’t have to be done every day to be effective and it leaves you with no excuse not to exercise!

So what effects does circuit training have?

It is basically a strength training that builds muscle and sheds pounds off quick. How does this work? When the body gains muscle it uses the stored energy “fat” to help build the muscle and tone. When you are dieting this is the better workout to do because it will assist in getting you off that diet sooner and if you engage in diet pills for success, this will certainly cut the time in half.

So what’s the drill?

Circuit training is basically doing short exercises in a short period of time. It means doing reps with weights on different parts of the body with very little rest in-between. This is what accounts for the weight loss because the calories are burned fast and fat melts off in a rush to build muscle.

How heavy should my weights be?

This is the interesting part—the weights can begin as light and then move to heavy or you can regress the weights from heavy to light. It all depends how much tone and how much bulk you really want. This is something the personal trainer at the gym would be able to tell you. This is a heavily personalized routine and you should have a trainer with you for the first run or two. Then you should be good to go on your own.

Can I do this with a friend?

Sure and in fact the more the merrier—support is a good thing and you may find that some gyms do these trainings in small groups of three or four. You may find new friends to share tips with and keep the motivation going.

What are the overall benefits?

The muscle tone and cardio workout you get has a long-term effect on your health. You will also be able to use it for a maintenance work out to a lesser degree after the weight is off.

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