How You Should Refuel Post Workout

When you hit the gym you want to be sure that you know how you should refuel post workout. This is an area that so many people tend to forget and it’s a very important part of the routine. When you workout and you push yourself hard, you are losing vital nutrients. Though the workout is of course good for you, when you don’t replace these lost nutrients then you are setting yourself up for a bad situation.

Therefore to replace such nutrients it’s imperative to eat the right foods to give your body what it needs. The challenge of a workout can be difficult, but feeding your body the right foods will help you to get back to where you need to be.

Be Wise About How You Take In Your Calories After a Strenuous Workout

So this doesn’t mean that it’s a free for all – a mistake that so many people make. In thinking of how you should refuel post workout you do not want to eat just anything. Sure you may feel hungry and know that your metabolism is working strong, but don’t give into eating just anything. This is not a time to eat the wrong foods, nor is it a time to eat too much at one sitting. Start by thinking of healthy ways to refuel and think of where you will get the most value.

Trying to combine food groups makes for a great way in thinking of how you should refuel post workout. So an apple or banana with peanut butter is one good idea, a half of a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, or cottage cheese with pineapple are great examples. You get a couple of different food groups such as protein, dairy, and of course fruits and vegetables and you feel full of energy and ready to take on the day.

Of course protein is one of the most important elements in how you should refuel post workout. So a protein shake is always a great idea, as is a bag of homemade trail mix or a handful of almonds with string cheese. Try to make protein the main focus and then mix in other food groups as you can to round it out. This gives you the right type of calories and nutrients back in. You give your body great value in the energy and fuel that you provide to it, and you enjoy the benefits of the challenging workout to move throughout your day.

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