Weight Loss Science and How to Stop Trusting Your Scale

Most of us put way too much stock on our scales when we diet or when we had sort of a binge and want to hop on to see what we have done to ourselves—but—there is good news—what you see most of the time is an illusion and here we will briefly discuss why. Stop trusting your scale and find out how weight loss science is to blame for those fluctuations.

The time you weigh in is important:

Weighing in when you are out and about already and have eaten—even if it was only toast—is a bad thing to do. Why? Because your body shifts weight around during the day—and imaginary weight gain that is caused by many different factors—some of which we will touch on here. Track your weight loss with diet tickers at http://www.weight-loss-center.net/weight-loss-tickers.html In the morning before you eat or drink or move around—upon awakening—is the best time to weigh in—it is your truest weight. Ignore the scale the rest of the day.

Weight loss science – What affects the numbers?

The weighing in rule is the same for men and women and for the most part so is what affects our weight. But, there are some exceptions and they are substantial.

Muscle gain: For both men and women—muscle weighs more than fat so as you develop muscle you can toss the scale out the window for a weight loss barometer because you will see an increase. This is more substantial for men than women but still counts.

Menstrual Cycles: Our menstrual cycles can make us put an imaginary 10 lbs. more or less onto our bodies over the month from the moment we begin to ovulate until the moment we start the actual menstruation—you may not even be able to visually perceive it but it is there inside us as water. It will pass—not to worry.

Eating salt: Any sodium intake for men or women—even in the processed foods we eat will make us retain water and again make an illusory weight gain—this after we bust our behinds with the working out—then we collect empty weight and get all bent out of shape!

There are other little ways to gain illusory numbers including having backed up bowels. Weight loss science is not always pretty, but it does make things more clear. Weigh in if you must in the first morning hours—then leave it. Your metabolism will also shift weight around naturally until it all evens out—and that’s the good news—it does!

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