Fast Food Calorie Facts That Will Shock You

You think that it’s gotten a bit healthier over the years, but there are some serious fast food calorie facts that will shock you. What’s important to remember is that though they have made some strides over the years, the fast food companies still have a long way to go. They are in the business of feeding people in a hurry and therefore their menu and food is all based on convenience as the number one factor. If you can keep that in mind then you will be sure to make wise choices. Though there are some slightly better choices these days, the facts about fast food are just as alarming as they always have been.

Would you be surprised to know that just one small serving of fries from most fast food establishments is over 600 calories? Though we know and recognize that fries aren’t exactly health food, when you hear the calorie count then you know that these are the types of fast food calorie facts that will shock you and leave you feeling sick. When you get into the way that the foods are made it’s even worse knowing that various chicken parts are used for nuggets and miscellaneous beef parts for the hamburgers.

Know Exactly What You Are Getting When You Order

How about the “healthy alternatives” of salads? More and more fast food restaurants are offering salads to try to appeal to the healthy eater. Would you believe that a taco salad from a Mexican fast food restaurant has over 52 grams of fat? This is not just an exception to the rule as most fast food salads are either loaded with fat or their dressings or toppings are. Same with sandwiches as a seemingly healthy turkey sandwich can often top the charts with calories and fat grams. So by trying to be good you are inundated with fast food calorie facts that will shock you and make you wonder why you didn’t eat at home.

Some options are just as bad as they seem—or actually much worse. A loaded bacon cheeseburger at some fast food restaurants can be over 1300 calories. For many dieters, that’s an entire day’s worth of calories in just one sitting, and it doesn’t even include any sides. This is just the tip of the iceberg with fast food calorie facts that will shock you and may even make you feel sick. So do your homework and know that just because something sounds healthy, that doesn’t mean that it is. Fast food calorie and fat intake can be shocking and alarming, so choose wisely or stay away whenever possible!

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