Do Weight Loss Smoothies Really Work for Losing Fat?

Do Weight Loss Smoothies  Work?

There is something about weight loss smoothies that comes with exceptional appeal.  The vibrant colors, sweet flavors, and overall healthful reputation they’ve earned over the years certainly has something to do with it.  However, many trends like this (we’re looking at you, juicing) often end up looking far more beneficial than they actually are. Is this the same thing?

Do Weight Loss Smoothies Work?

To start, it’s important to understand that weight loss smoothies are a broad category. Moreover, the way they are worked into an overall diet plays a substantial role as to whether the results you see from consuming them will have any benefit.

Off the bat, one thing that should be made clear is that if you have weight loss smoothies once, the odds of seeing any results on a bathroom scale are astronomically small.  They’re not a miracle brew. The main idea behind them is that they are packed with nutrients, fiber and water, so they are filling, nourishing, and hydrating. However, they cannot represent your entire diet.  Therefore, you will still need to pay attention to the other foods you’re consuming throughout the day.

Ingredients Are Everything

As a broad category, the ingredients you add to your weight loss smoothies will determine the success of this meal. If you add greens, water, berries and even a touch of plain unsweetened yogurt to your blender, you’ll have a filling, nourishing meal. If you add ingredients full of fat and sugar, you might as well be having a milkshake.

It’s the difference between having a cup of bone broth or a bowl of cream of mushroom. Weight loss smoothies and the benefits they bring you are wholly dependent on what they contain.

How to Make Healthy Weight Loss Smoothies

The specific ingredients you’ll want to add depend on the goals you have for your weight loss smoothies.  Are they meant to help you replace a meal without skipping nutrition? Are you looking for a bit of a hunger tamer after a great workout? Is it dessert? Are you just looking for something you can grab on the go?

Great weight loss smoothies should contain a liquid, vegetables and fruits. They may also contain seeds, nuts (or nut butter) and additives such as matcha powder, vegetable or green powders, or possibly protein powder if you are certain that your diet doesn’t contain enough protein already, and you are struggling to get it from whole food sources. That last point is important to note as whole food protein sources are nearly always far superior to powders, which come with additional ingredients you don’t want and are often sweetened, too.

Use a nutrition tracker to better understand what you put in your weight loss smoothies. This can help you to tally up your calories, macros, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients you want to make sure are added to your meal.


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