Diet Mistakes That Make You Fat

When we attempt to lose weight, we sometimes make diet mistakes without realizing it that sabotage our efforts. There are so many processed foods, that we tend to forget the hidden ingredients that will also serve to spoil our good intentions. Here we will take a look at some simple and clear ways to avoid the most common mistakes that most dieters make.

Not knowing how to diet

This is the most common way that people end up sabotaging themselves. They don’t know how to diet and they don’t know where to look for guidance. So they will end up doing one of two things and sometimes both. They will start to just eat less as a way to dump calories off their waistline. This is only good when you are eating less of the bad stuff–but most people are misled as to what the bad stuff is–so they just blow off everything and eat a celery stick. This is a starvation diet which will trigger the “I don’t know when I am going to see my next meal” message from the brain to the body. Then you know what happens? They end up gaining it back double because the body will convert every calorie into fat! No one wants to make a diet mistake like that.

The second scenario is going on diet plans that deliver to plan meals for you so you don’t have to think about it. This is great to an extent but they are meant to teach you how to eat correctly and not to lose weight then return to bad habits. Many people don’t get that very important take-away from the plan–they lose the weight and then back to the same plan again to lose even more weight 6 months later.

Drinking empty calories

Most of us have no idea that we drink empty calories each day and waste our total number. If we count calories we rarely take into consideration fruit juices and sodas as well as what we put in our coffee and tea. We need to look at so called “low fat” labels as well. While they may contain 0 grams of fat they could contain very high calories. Make sure you are drinking diet coke and no fruit juices unless you juice the fruit yourself. Read labels that say low fat and count the calories instead. And above all don’t starve yourself–learn to eat several small meals a day!

If you learn from these most common diet mistakes, you’ll see those numbers drop on the scale for sure.

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