Understanding How The Scale Can Lie

You might have heard it and wondered if it’s true that the scale can lie and what to look for to see if this is the case. There is a reason that many health and diet experts will tell you not to weigh yourself each and every day. Though you don’t want to get too caught up in the number on the scale, you do want to understand precisely what it represents. So if you are working hard and wondering when that will reflect, it’s time to get to the heart of the issue.

The single greatest factor in understanding how the scale can lie and what to look for is by far muscle vs. fat. If you are working at building muscle tone and really concentrating on strength training, this is a good thing. What it may give you however is “false results” so to speak with the number on the scale. You might appear to weigh more, but this is really just because muscle weighs more than fat. So you do want to take that into consideration.

Muscle Really Does Weigh More and Is Ultimately What You Want
Take into account what you have been doing with your workouts and your current activity level. If you went from a sedentary lifestyle or have just really been pushing the strength component, then the number may appear different than you want it to. Understanding how the scale can lie has much to do with the fact that muscle density, while good for your body, can give you results that make you feel less than stellar.

This is true and though you may want to fight it, the muscle weighing more than fat theory is always a constant. Your weight will also vary, sometimes significantly by day. If you get into the bad habit of weighing yourself each and every day then you will see results all over the place. This can depend heavily upon what you ate such as too much salt, if you drank enough water, if it’s a hot day, and so on.

So in understanding how the scale can lie be sure that you know how your body can change. Muscle will help to boost your metabolism and ultimately help with weight loss, but not right away. Your body will change and the number may fluctuate, but in the end you will get the results that you want if you keep with the program.

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